The Khmelnytsky oblast during fire suppression economic building saved from destruction by fire is located near a house

March 9 at 14:29 on the item called ’ connection 21st state of the Fire and Rescue received a report of a fire in the building household in the village. Zamorochennya, Shepetovskogo area. Immediately place the call came to savingnyky State Emergency Services Shepetivsky district, eliminated fire in those sizes, which it acquired at the time of arrival of fire-rescue department. Through efficient and coordinated efforts of firefighters rescued from destruction by fire house. The fire area of ??55 square meters. m localized at 14:59 eliminated at 15:12. Because pozheJi outbuildings destroyed, damaged walls and covering residential building and household items. The likely cause of the fire – careless use of fire. ACCIDENTS fire was. PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky oblast