Chernihiv: rescuers eliminated the fire on the premises "Construction Industry"

March 10 at 12:11 in Chernihiv to Rescue « 101 » received information about the fire of one of the buildings in the territory of technological PAT « Construction Industry » on the street. Industrial, 11. Before the scene for an increased number call came6 fire and rescue departments. Their work made it difficult lack Nearby water sources to replenish spent extinguishing water reserve. In connection ’ connection with this, the rescuers had to lay hose lines to the nearest reservoir up to a distance of about 300 meters. To eliminate flame ’ I'm at a height of 20 meter building technologywas used fire ladders. When fighting a fire rescuers prevent fire spread to other buildings nearby industrial enterprises. In fact the fire police are investigating. The most likely cause of the fire was the result of the spread of fire burning dry vegetation. Management DSNS in Chernihivskiy area