Address of the Chief Directorate DSNS in Lviv region Sergey Dmitrov to the public about the ban burning dry grass

Number of fires in natural ecosystems and in residential sector last week began to increase sharply. Stand ’ it later originated from a desire to streamline public garden plots and burn unnecessary garbage and seuhe leaves. Only during the last days of the Lviv region occurred 55 fires of dry grass. So, to Example 9 March at 13:51 to the rescue was reported fire in the village. Sokolniki Pustomiti place in open areas. On arrival firefighters fire swept dead wood, an area of ??45 000 thousand sq. M. m. The fire was extinguished at 17.32h. One such fire broke out at 14:51 in. Sosnivka. It destroyed the dry grass in the area of ??5000 sq.m. Firefighters eliminate fire at 20:36. On the same day at 16:10 liquidated fire firefighters dead in the village. Hodovytsya Pustomytovsky area. The fire destroyed the dry grass in the area of ??45 000 sq.m. The fire was extinguished at 17:25. This situationimmense concern me personally, as the leader of the rescue of Lviv. Fires dead are different from other fires lasting liquidation and potential for scaling up. In this regard, the need to eliminate them involve a significant amount of rescue forces and special fuel for a long time. Most would-hozyaystDari while performing chores disregard the rules of conduct of fire. As a result, these fires can cause fire buildings, destruction of power lines, gas and oil pipelines, forest plantations and so on. Dangerous fire and there are some drivers of vehicles. Impaired visibility on the roads due to smoke from these fires can be andynoyu accidents. I appeal to citizens asking observe basic safety requirements while outdoors, summer cottage, private residential sector. Try to farm so that at least your site was rubbish and piles of cut grass, cut or dry branches better to move the trash. Rozpalyuvannya fires to burn dry leaves, trash in areas adjacent to residential homes, cottages, gardens, prohibited at distances less than 15 meters from the building. Also prohibited to make a fire in windy weather. We hope for understanding of the importance of this problem. Fire Safety Regulations exist to fulfill them, ZarAda your safety. In case of fire – immediately inform the fire by calling 101.