Chernihiv said two hundred and first anniversary of TG

March 9 Shevchenko all Ukraine celebrates two hundred and first anniversary of the birthday of the great son of the Ukrainian people, the Ukrainian nation torch Taras Shevchenko. On this occasion on the Wall at the monument to the Great Poet celebrations, which were attended by the Acting Head of Regional StateAdministration Sergey Zhurman, Head of Regional Council Nikolai Zverev, Secretary Chernihiv City Council Vladislav Cook, Deputy Mayor Nicholas Chernihiv Mirgorodsky, deputies of Ukraine Vladislav Atroshenko and Valery Kulich, winner of the National Prize of Ukraine. Shevchenko, representatives of Chernihiv Oblast JoinReference Ukrainian Association "Enlightenment" Shevchenko, Department of Chernihiv Union of Ukrainian political parties, intellectuals, government agencies, national and cultural societies, religious organizations and the public. - A great artist, artist, genius Ukrainian literature, half a century ago Taras Shevchenko wrote the prophetic wordsof the Ukrainian people, which is extremely important. The love of his native land, victory and morale Cossack chieftain, sung in Shevchenko's poetry has always been an example of patriotism and courage for future generations. Will it ever works will be eternal thought and memory of genius, which bore Ukrainian land, our country will forever Ukrayiin the community of democratic European countries - said in his speech Sergey Zhurman. He also expressed his belief that the consolidation efforts of the central government and local governments, public and religious organizations will promote further development of economic, social and spiritual potential of Chernihiv be sharedorotbi for a single, sovereign, economically developed Ukraine. The audience also made chairman Regional Council Nikolai Zverev, deputy of Ukraine Valery Kulich, chairman of the Chernihiv Regional Association of Ukrainian Society "Enlightenment" Shevchenko Vasyl Chepurny, chairman of the department of Chernihiv Union of Ukrainian Olga Mynenok. In Useonanni consolidated choirs academic Chernigov folk choir and Bandurist im.O.Veresaya featured essays on poems of Taras Shevchenko. With RSA website