In the Zhytomyr region in Radomyshlskaya area in an accident killed two men

According to preliminary data, the driver of foreign cars did not choose safe speed and lost control, because that car collided with a road fence and overturned. The driver and passenger were killed and another passenger is in the hospital. March 9th around 16:30 11 km of White Well - Radomishl near the village. Homivky, Radomyshlsky area, the driver "Foltsvahen T4" resident Radomyshlsky District, 1990 born, moving in the direction of. Radomishl, failed to keep the car on the road and went down on his right shoulder, where he performed hit a two-concrete road column and overturned. As a result of the accident and the driverpassenger from his injuries died at the scene. Another passenger, a resident of the district Radomyshlsky, 1982 born, with injuries to the hospital. Total recorded for the past day 3 traffic accidents in which three people were killed and 2 injured. UGAI Internal Affairs of Ukraine in ryeyrskiy area