Lviv Andriayan Hutnyk delivered humanitarian aid to another battalion " January "

March 5, 2015 at a water park & ??quot; Beach " the regular transfer of humanitarian assistance for the promotion of the Lviv city council deputy from PA " Freedom " Andriayan Hutnyk Battalion gather for a special purpose " January ". This time the car was purchased for the soldiers who are on the front. &Quot; Given that the government does not provide our army at the appropriate level, is volunteering enables to maintain the fighters. Many of our colleagues are on the front, so we do not know from television news that the military aid that belchdit of volunteers is of great importance. At the time when the Ukrainian territory ongoing war with the invaders, we try to help our defenders all the necessities, equipment, transportation, food, warm clothes. To avoid any problems with the delivery of aid and rotation fighters, bought another car for use in the rear. In theyslovlyuyu thank everyone who joins our initiative. Given the economic situation and the individual in particular, it's really difficult task. But despite all the difficulties, people just given help who as you can. This support gives us all the strength to move forward. Help our fellow - it is the duty of every conscious Ukrainian & quot ;, -said initiator event Andriayan Hutnyk. Video: This was reported in the press service of the Lviv city organization VO " Freedom "