In the city council approved an action plan for the prevention of injury outside work in Lutsk. 2015

To prevent injuries outside work Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk approved the Action Plan for 2015. Much attention will be given to measures to prevent accidents in transport. The plans - zdiysNennius seasonal surveys of state roads, places of concentration analysis of accidents, commission examination crossings to secure their intersection more. Also, to prevent deaths from fires and other sources of ignition be organized training activities population of fire safety. Another imporyvym section are measures to prevent loss of life on the water. Plans - Definition rest places on water. By the beginning of the swimming season will inspect the bottom of water area reserved for bathing people and clean from foreign objects, create rescue posts and organize the constant alternation of qualified specialialistiv. In addition, in order to prevent injuries and deaths due to accidental drops, obstezhuvatymut heat, sewer and water network for covers, grates and more. Also implemented measures to prevent child injuries. With a detailed plan of priority measures for the prevention of injury nevyrobnychoho character Lutsk for 2015 can be found on the official website of the City Council under the heading "Residents of the city" - "Health" - "City programs and activities." This was reported in Lutsk City Council