In the Lviv region Andriayan Hutnyk upheld the public hearings on the construction of residential houses on the street. Kul'parkivs'ka, 133 to

March 9, 2015 in Lviv on the street. Kul'parkivs'ka, 133 have held repeated public hearings on the construction of residential houses, including the soldiers who protect Ukraine from Russian aggression in Ccourse. The previous public hearings that were to take place March 6 at Frankivsk regional administration Lviv city council canceled the same day. As you know, the public district dissatisfied possible construction of a house at the above address. &Quot; As the preliminary hearing municipality inexplicably canceled, Iturned to the developer asking on-site construction likely to present this project to residents, all were able to express their opinion on the matter. I believe that before any building officials should ask those who live near the site of the future building, or they do not mind a neighborhood hmmarochosom or traded. During the repeated hearing all the inhabitants of the neighboring houses, who were present at the meeting were strongly against the idea of ??the developer. The corresponding decision not any construction adopted at the hearing, and I support this decision. I am a member of the Lviv City Council in this district have chosen to protectcommunity of interests rather than individual entrepreneurs. So I decided to take a commitment to equip this area sports ground, so that in future no longer arise precedent. However, I will initiate an appeal to the Mayor, City Council helped to consider the possibility of providing other land for housesivnytstva residential building, including members ATO & quot ;, - told svobodivets Andriayan Hutnyk. Residents who live in the houses on the street 133-139. Kul'parkivs'ka, prepare collective appeal and are intended to engage in resettlement area referred to in fact pay their unanimous position on this issue. About this Reportwashed in the press service of the Lviv regional organization VO " Freedom "