Ukrainians have the opportunity to learn Polish for free via e-course number

Ukrainian studying Polish, surpassed all previous expectations, and the study was the demonstration of Polish pro-Ukrainian dreams, an attempt to escape from the consequences of the "scoop" and a kind of continuation of the square. These are the findings of portal « Port EuroPA » After the operation, the free Polish language courses, said the official portal page on Facebook. According to the report, a year ago « Port Europe » launched a free e-course Polish Polish response to support and increase interest Maidan Ukrainian Poland and Poles – Ukrayition. Earlier in the portal has launched a similar free e-course Polish Ukrainian language. As the author of the course Polish correspondent « ZN » Jakub Loginov, a year on training signed up forty thousand Ukrainian, while the same e-Ukrainian courses for Poles took advantage of four thousand people. &Laquo; Mand created these free resources in order to eliminate the language bar ’ Pierre between Ukrainian and Polish and reduce linguistic and cultural dependence Ukraine from Russia. I can confidently say that it failed, Polish and Ukrainian want to learn the language and neighbor reject the idea of ??linguistic mediators where they are unnecessary & raquo ;, – said the journalist. AsAccording to the report, many Ukrainian motivation for learning Polish – not Mercantile. Of course, there are those who learn Polish so that going abroad to study or work. However, the more they want to acquire Polish Ukrainian to have alternative access to the European and world culture or OF INFORMATIONuu. &Laquo; unfortunately, there are very few works of world culture or science or information sources (books, magazines etc. professional) translated into Ukrainian, – said in a statement. &Ndash; In this situation, many Ukrainian want to have an alternative to the use of Russian resources, so choosing the Polish language, which is close to the Ukrainian andwhich is quite easy to learn, – considers a courseware & raquo ;. In a free e-course Polish can enroll here. Told