During the week DSNS Ukraine rescued 20 people and eliminated more than a thousand fires

Last week (from 02.03 to 08.03) divisions of the State Service of Ukraine of Emergencies conducted site visits for measures to prevent disasters, rapid response to events and response , firefighting, Mr.rovedennya other rescue measures. Thus, on March 3 in. Artemovo Donetsk region in the private house of a violation of rules of operation of electrical equipment on fire, by which 3 people died. During the week registered 1 thousand. 173 emergencies, which ensured response units DSNS on-site totheir place of origin. As a result of the undertaken measures 48 persons. Disposed 1 thousand. 14 fires, rescued 20 people on fire and not allowed the destruction by fire of 348 buildings and 19 units. technology. On fire killed 48 people, estimated losses on available data, is 2 million. 558 thousand. USD. In particular, March 3 in. Words ’ Jansky Donetsk regionAsti at the gas station “ Helios ” An explosion and a fire. The explosion injured one person, destroyed bus “ GROOVE ” and truck “ ZIL-130 & rdquo ;, damaged roof mounted equipment and stations. Unit DSNS fire extinguished. The next day, March 4, in Golosiiv district. Kyiv on the roof of a two-storyfisnoyi building through short circuit fire. To extinguish the fire by rank increased call attracted 80 personnel and 21 vehicles. At 12 h. 10 min. fire departments DSNS Ukraine abolished the area of ??400 m2. In the line of Duty ’ communications killed two fellow DSNS Ukrainestead. Since the beginning of the week pyrotechnic units DSNS made 115 visits, during which he discovered, seized and destroyed 470 pieces of munitions of war. During the week about water ’ yektah killed 5 people. According to data of the week there were 349 road traffic accidents, resulting in the deaths of 57 people and injuredabout 360 people. Press office DSNS Ukraine