Volyn region, continue raids checks to prevent burning dry grass

8-9 March Manevitskiy area lifeguards together with environmentalists and police officers conducted raids checks to prevent cases of burning dry grass. Experts working within the district center Manevichi and in four Ruralcal councils, where in recent years there have been cases of ignition of dry grass and peat fires in. During the inspection officials repeatedly recorded violations fire protection requirements and environmental legislation, and in the territory of the village council Dovzhytskoyi offender caught on « & raquo ;: hot 41-year-old resident of the village set fire to dry grass Do??yca, Lesko Countyalong the dirt road near the forest plantations. They took measures to stop burning, and the arsonist Inspector of Environmental Protection wrote the protocol under Article 77-1 « Unauthorized burning or residual » according to the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences, for which he WMDshenyy to pay a fine. Similar events took place in Lutsk and Kivertsi area. To prevention, in addition to rescuers, free of duty, joined police. Members raid groups focused inhabitants of the region on strict adherence to the requirements of fire, called the fire did not spread to the dry grass, it's not soIlka harm the environment, but also extremely dangerous for health ’ I people. UDSNS in Volyn region