In April will be an anthology of post-revolutionary art in Ukraine Ukraine

with the support of the French-Canadian philanthropist and gallery owner Pierre Laurent Boulay prepare for publication the book "The changing landscape: Ukrainian Art between revolution and war," concluded researcher Natalia Anthropology of Contemporary Art Chermalyh. The book will be launched in Aprilunder "Book Arsenal". The book will be released in two versions – French-Russian-Ukrainian and English-Russian-Ukrainian (Paysages Instables: Artistes Ukrainiens entre R é volution et Guerre / » Podvyzhny landscape: Art of Ukraine Between the revolution and voynoy » and Shifting Landscapes: Ukrainian Artists between Revolutionand War / » Podvyzhny landscape: Art of Ukraine Between the revolution and voynoy »). The idea of ??publishing ’ appeared in P ’ Pierre-Laurent Boulay, gallery owner Pang é e in Montreal in the spring of 2014 during a visit to Kyiv. &Laquo; When I walked through the Square, I was gripped very strong emotions. Barricades, paving, tourists and pilgrims, people phoPMI revolutionaries, speeches and songs on stage, flags scattered helmets, shields, flowers everywhere and certainly crosses in memory ’ Five of the dead. I realized that I came here after the battle. Still, I'm not late, time to feel the spirit of historical events. Even the air seemed to Square richer, denser & raquo ;, – said P ’ Pierre-Laurent Boole. Seen in Kiev and feel aroused desire Bule « to fix this seems to create a book about post-revolutionary Ukraine, which crosses over factual personal & raquo ;. To realize his idea Q ’ Pierre-Laurent Boulay offered criticism researcher Geneva Institute for International and Development Natalia Chermalyh. &Laquo; postradJansky space was divided into diametrically opposed political reality, while last year the debate on political orientation gradually replaced the survival of life and death. No doubt, 2014 will go down in history as the first shock that precedes a series of deep tectonic shifts that forever changed the Ukrainian political landscape: Revolutionsiynyy Square, annexed Crimea, military operations in the Donbas … In our book, I tried to understand this reality fragmented political dialogue with artists and photographers who observed, experienced and anticipated changes in the life of modern Ukraine & raquo ;, – explained the concept of publishing author. The book consists of two parts – VISAefficient innovation in- frastructure and text. On the one hand, this album works of Ukrainian artists of different generations: Power Ralko, Nikita Kadan, Sergei Gupta, Nikita Shalennyi Marie Bastashevski, Eugenia Belorusets, Alevtina Kakhidze, Alexander Glyadelov, groups « Shyla » and others. The second part of the publication includes conversations with artists recorded Natalia Chermalys during 2014-2015 years. Interviews ’ S the most relevant aspects of modern Ukraine: Heroes Edition recall the Soviet collapse, the early years of Independence, The Orange Revolution and today – incredible solidarity activists Square and the war in eastern Ukraine. &Laquo; Against the backdrop of stunning political events that consciously imprinted inSTI artists, the first post-Soviet avant-garde art scene attempts and reflexive search for modern Ukrainian art acquire new meanings rooted in social reality, – Natalia told Chermalyh. &Ndash; Speaking of artists, I realized that modern Ukraine – This is our common changing landscape in which we difm look into trying to understand. Throughout its complexity, perhaps we could grasp only through art & raquo ;, reports « Bukvoyid & raquo ;. Told