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Soldiers Battalion "Lviv" returned home to rest

March 7 in rotation to the city to fight back rest Battalion patrol special police "Lviv". In the area of ??ATO Battalion soldiers have replaced their comrades. This was reported in the press service of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region As stated in the messageLenny met the chief law enforcement Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region police colonel Dmitry Zagariya, deputy police colonel Ruslan Domnitsak and Police Colonel Sergei Zyubanenko, head of Lviv police, relatives and friends. The first battalion of soldiers congratulated Dmitry Zagariya. Police Chief Lviv nakedlosyv that Lviv police in places of service in the area TUs are extremely high prestige and respect of the local population. &Laquo; I want to thank all of you for being honorably and courageously serve solely to protect our land from the enemy. And, as a recognition of your achievements, take gratitude from the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov,Luhansk Governor Mr. Gennady Moskal and personal letter of thanks from Prem ’ Prime-Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk for deputy battalion commander « Lions » Police Lieutenant Svyatoslav adoptee for personal significant contribution to the protection of territorial integrity of our country & raquo ;, – announced beforeDmitry Zagariya parade. In the area of ??ATO Battalion soldiers « Lions » performed the task of protecting public order, about ’ life support objects settlements involved in stripping areas from terrorists and served at checkpoints. &Laquo; I am very grateful for that praised my merits, but I think thatthanks to such deserve all the men of the battalion and in general all the guys who are fighting in eastern Ukraine now & raquo ;, – said the deputy battalion commander « Lions » Police Lt. Sviatoslav Primak, who received a letter of thanks from Prem ’ Prime-Minister. Lviv hero met his wife Oksana and son Arthur. &Laquo; I have alreadyfaculty and wait and meet – This is the third trip Svyatoslav east Ukraine. First, of course we were against what he voluntarily joined the police and went to the zone ATO, but we understand that someone has to protect us, and I am proud of my husband & raquo ;, – said tearfully Oksana – Svyatoslav wifeAdoptee. Together with his friends on holiday returned soldier battalion « Lions » police sergeant John Yatseyko. In August last year, he was wounded in the leg during the stripping settlement in the Luhansk region. &Laquo; after 93 days of treatment, I decided to return to his battalion and went into regular rotation zonesin conducting ATO. Of course, I denied this, but I was determined to defend Ukraine together with his friends & raquo ;, – said John. After treatment he received an offer from the then head of Lviv city police department police colonel Sergei Zyubanenka go to the service in Lviv city police, Fr.the offer is refused. &Laquo; I with understanding to this decision John and my suggestion is still valid. When completed operation in eastern Ukraine – these soldiers will form the basis of a new police or the police. That they trust the most responsible management of land and we will lean on those days on the battlefieldoviv their courage, honesty and patriotism & raquo ;, – The Deputy Chief of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region police colonel Sergei Zyubanenko. Unfortunately, by the time of the ATO in eastern Ukraine killed four soldiers of the battalion « & raquo ;. Lions Returning home, the men visited the grave of his comrades T. Dorosh, cotryy killed during a combat mission in January this year in the Luhansk region. Told