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Ternopil, rescuers calling citizens refuse burning dry grass, leaves and other plant debris;

With the establishment of dry weather the fire and rescue departments are increasingly involved in the region to extinguish fires in ecosystems, due to careless handling of fire, ordinary negligence, burning dry vegetation and leave iting in public areas. The fire destroyed not only dead wood, but also seeds and roots of living plants, damaged the lower parts of trees and shrubs. Deteriorating quality of soil, which reduces productivity. Innocent seemingly burning can lead to large-scale fires threaten the destruction of dwellings and people's lives. Fieryand element absorbs everything in its path alive. When burning leaves and other plant debris released into the air harmful chemicals that are harmful for health ’ i man. Inflicted significant damage to the ecosystem. The combustion of grass in gardens or stubble fields on the farm there is a risk of tipping to fire atRodney areas, leading in turn to a violation of the law and the destruction of wild plants and animals. It is from the burning of stubble in the fields begins most steppe fires. Similarly, there is a danger of forest fires and fire houses. When is burning stubble in the fields through which the high-voltage power lines, Mr.Final new threat. Smoke and fire are semiconductors and appropriate conditions can cause a short circuit transmission line that carries with it devastating consequences for entire settlements, industries and regions. Rescuers call citizens refuse burning dry grass, leaves and other plant debris; For each arson not only ZabdiAilleux significant damage to the environment, destroying wildlife, but also leads to other negative consequences, bringing the threat to life and health ’ S people. Pam ’ Yatai, for unauthorized burning dry vegetation or residual provides for administrative and criminal liability.