In Ternopil regional council call for proposals of local government proposes to amend the program - to increase funding to supplement and ways in which projects are developed

Meeting of Council regional competition projects of local government in the Ternopil region. Board members discussed the ways inwhich will be developed and submitted projects. In general they are 14. At the meeting it was suggested to include a paragraph and a repair utility roads. Also present supported the idea first deputy chairman of the regional council, chairman of the board of the regional competition of projects of local government to increase funding Sergei Tarashevskohoof which provides for projects Regional Council twice. The meeting supported the change rate of co-financing for rural councils of the total cost of the project will provide 75% of the regional council, 25% - rural. For district and city councils submitting projects and their benefit, this ratio has not changed - 50 to 50. The authors offeror regional council call for proposals will be submitted amendments for approval at a session of the regional council. Board members also stressed the regional competition for the weak participation of local governments to participate in the competition and identify priority areas of work for its promotion and expansion of education and information work. Recallprogram provides 3.7 million for projects of local government. Serve projects are rural, village and urban district council area. Among areas, which are developed and submitted projects are, for example, vstanrovlennya energy-saving and energy-efficient technologies on the objective of social, housing and communitiesCopyrights areas, reconstruction, modernization proper condition of street lighting, promotion of family homes, educational, scientific and informational support of local government and others. Detailed list - here. This was reported in the press service of the Ternopil Regional Council