In the Rivne region told how to avoid becoming a victim of Internet fraud

Recently, the region has increased the number of so-called card and phone fraud. Every day only in the regional center registered about 2 - 5 cases. In order to avoid becoming a victim of scams need to know the circuit on which they operate. Mosthooked scam people get on the Internet ads on sites like OLX, Aukro, and so on. Scammers call to citizens who sell things, and this is often the wedding dresses and baby strollers. Attackers represented buyers agree on a price, promise to transfer money to bank card owner of the goods, and the goods through new mailhas to go to the buyer. Everything seems simple. But in the process of transfer of funds seems to have problems. You are told that the bank card to be a certain amount of money (2, 3, 5 thousand), or the card is not so, and need only a credit or buyers in general due to legal entities. Scammers claim that the money be transferred instantly, but thirdlybno sellers only change some settings in the terminal card "Privat" or "Savings Bank". At the terminal crooks phone suggest that you need to successfully transfer money, and as a result - of victims recount their own money or credit to a bank account fraud. Within minutes the money defrauded Decemberomadyan withdrawn from ATMs eastern and southern Ukraine, with telephone scams disappears forever. For similar scheme scammers are supposedly card number of the seller to transfer the money and some time with the code number 056 (country code m. Dnipropetrovsk) Privat representative calls and offers to help with set-uppit connections and services or interrogates account balance limit withdrawals, expiration date and so on. After that, the card dealer money disappears. What you need to know to not know a victim of fraud! - Never tell anyone your data on a bank card, such as the expiration date, CC code (ie three numbers on the rear ofcard), a limit on withdrawals, balance, and phone number is tied to the card, date of birth and so on. All you need to know for successful buyer money transfer is the number of your card and name to be mistaken. - In order for your card received funds do not need to match the ATM and on instructions from strangers I spendKis operation. If you have any questions please contact the hotline banking institution where you get free help from bank employees. Hot line you can find on the back of credit card. - Never tell anyone codes or other information sent to you by SMSreports from banking institutions. In the presence of the card number and codes fraudsters can withdraw money at any ATM Ukraine even in the physical absence of your card, for example through our Emergency money. - Making payment for goods in advance to unknown sites or sellers on social networks, you risk not get giventh product. Be careful. Of course, scams are so many and such type of fraud as buying things on the Internet is just one of many ways to enrich speculators at the expense of unsuspecting citizens. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Rivne region (Based on RBM MIA)