With the city in the area ATO sent 4 ambulances

March 7, 2015 from the city with the assistance of the Committee support the Ukrainian army of Spain in the area ATO sent 4 ambulances medical care. Cars are designed to volunteer chota " Carpathian Sich & quot ;, 79th airborne brigade, the 24th Mechanized Brigade and 66thhospital medical teams named. Pirogov - said the head of faction VO " Freedom " Lviv regional council, Joseph Sytnyk. Svobodivets expressed his gratitude to the Committee of Ukrainian army assistance from Spain, which formed the Association " Young Ukraine " (Director Svetlana Kmetyk, Madrid); Association " Ukrainian Alcala " (Kerivnickname Andrew Modrytskyy, Alcala de Henares); Association " for the Future of Ukraine " (Director Mariana Palko, Mostoles), " Ukrainian Patriotic Association " Will " & quot ;, which is headed by John Wolf svobodivets. &Quot; John Wolf except that invested their money in buying a car (which cost - from 3 to 4 thousand euros), also donated 1thousand. Euro refills its diesel to deliver a car with Spain in Ukraine. Committee of the August-September last year actively conducts volunteering and almost weekly reports medicines, food, ammunition, etc. defenders of Ukraine from Moscow bands & quot ;, - said Joseph Sytnyk. &Quot; I got to get and Dosthowling ambulance loaded necessary at the front things in order Volunteer Battalion " Carpathian Sich " in the village. Sands. There by car use as needed in conjunction with other volunteer units & quot ;, - reported volunteer svobodivets Oleg Bilyk. This was reported in the press service of the Lviv Regional Authorityizatsiyi PA " Freedom "

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/