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Women from Uzhgorod meet women in uniform

The head of police Uzhgorod Roman Stefanyshyn welcomed women who chose business of his life in service to the Motherland police ranks, the International Day of women's rights and peace. The very first spring holiday, which comes to us this time, is the International Day of Women's Rights and Peace, celebrated on 8 Bereznya. A better time to honor women are unthinkable. Universal concept of "beauty", "good", "meekness" associated with spring awakening and renewal of nature, and the way women-mothers, sisters, lover, mistress skillful and tireless toiler. On the eve of International Women's Day in the auditorium Uzhgorod police servedbe a solemn assembly. Welcoming remarks to the audience addressed head women Uzhgorod Gorotdel police Lt. Roman Stefanyshyn. He expressed the fair of police staff sincere thanks for their hard dedicated work and wished happiness and all worldly goods. "Lovely woman! This spring, holiday cordially welcomeyemo you with the most beautiful Spring St. - International Women's Day on 8 March. I sincerely wish you happiness female, love and goodness! Let next to you will always be decent people, among them a man with whom will not be afraid any weather. We wish that every day you are greeted with a smile, in anticipation of joy, with confidence and peace "-said Lt. Roman Stefanyshyn. Dear Diana, Uzhgorod CF MIA