In Khmelnytsky police conduct courses on fire and physical training for members of community groups on the basis of

Netishynskoho Gorotdel police YTD are regular training courses for community helpers with Cossack regiment. Already seventh consecutive year on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and during holidays and mass eventas a member of a public building "Netishynskyy Khmelnytsky Cossack regiment" with police patrolling the streets, promoting crime prevention and providing practical assistance to law enforcement agencies in the fight against street crime. This gives the results: in recent years the number of crimes and offenses in public places noishyna - minimum. Since 2015 guidance Netishynskoho Gorotdel police supported the initiative of the partners of a public building and introduced them to regular comprehensive training courses, which are held every Saturday in the premises of the city. At the request of the Cossacks themselves, most attention during such events given fireEyelash and physical training. After all, as they say, we live in a time that every moment may be necessary to protect the homeland, so you need to be prepared. It's nice that such measures involve Cossacks and their children. Small djour with genuine curiosity attend classes in physical training and study building weapons. In SZEMMIA Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region