The new garden in Ivano-Frankivsk ready 70%

Despite the difficult financial situation in Ivano-Frankivsk investor funds continued construction of a new kindergarten As the director of contractor work Yuri Tkachuk, current construction work at the facility nearly two hundred children completed 70%. "We laid about 20 kilometers internalix electric, this telephone cables and fire, alarm system and more. And 2 km water supply and sewerage ", - says Tkachuk. Now builders are preparing for laying sewerage and water supply external, and then take charge of landscaping, construction facade kindergarten. According to the head of the DeputyCommission on Education in the municipality Oksana Savchuk, on account of all this has not yet begun kindergarten. It starts when zabudivnyk will deposit facility. It is expected this will happen before the fall. "When electronic queue opens, we will give a press announcement to parents knew what to register your child. If a child learns to othersth kindergarten and her parents want to transfer, it will also need to re-register - remove one account and put under a different "- said the deputy. This was reported in Ivano-Frankivsk city council