In the Lviv region Zhovkva Svoboda gave ATO five soldiers and two reanimobiles off

svobodovtsev Zhovkva March 5, 2015 passed ATO five soldiers and two reanimobiles off. In the central square of consecrated Bishop Michael. The event was attended by activists Zhovkva self and their captain Michael Dmitrov,Battalion soldiers " Lions " Paul and Dmytrivy Olexa, former head of district administration Bogdan Yurdyha, L'military hospital representatives, clergy and community of the city. Four modern ambulance 2006-2008 of release got a person who lived a long time in Donetsk and conducted business there, and later went to Enging. By the delivery vehicles in Ukraine took care of them self deputy chairman. Dmitry Pelypa Victor Pekhnyk. Also one reanimobile purchased by Sokal-Zhovkva eparchy of the UGCC. Two off " Mitsubishi Pajero " Ukrainian soldiers bought for self centurion named. Dmitry Pelypa svobodivets MichaelDmitrov. &Quot; Often when volunteering when it seems impossible, there are people who help her finish. Thanks to all who are not indifferent to the east of Ukraine Zhovkivskyi district sent dozens of cars, tons of products and a variety of special devices for soldiers & quot ;, - said Michael Dimitri. This MessageOr the press service of the Lviv regional organization VO " Freedom "