16-year-old girl in the Lviv region requires $ 70 thousand.

Kidney transplant on 16-year-old Elena Medvedenko Chervonograd of Lviv region needs help - she was diagnosed with chronic glomerulonephritis. In the operation of kidney transplantation need 70 thousand. Dollars. Elena Medvedenko She turns to caring: &Laquo; Two years ago I was a regularteenager, she studied in school, engaged in ballroom dancing and music was full of joy and hope for a long, happy and carefree life. What is the hospital, I knew only from movies and hoped that I did not suffer a disaster. And it happened not as it should have happened. When done the necessary tests, doctors put a disappointing diagnosis: chronic hlomerulonefryt. Right now I have to take three times a week hemodialysis procedure, called « artificial kidney & raquo ;. Six hours lying motionless, thinking and thinking about the future ... … Will it be me … Every night I go to sleep with thoughts: Do I wake up in the morning? Fortunately, I agreed to help Belarus: kidney transplant in biloruskiy clinic costs 70 thousand dollars. I used to be strong, I'm not complaining at his fate, for it is worse. Not even weeping, that understand – This is not an option. I want, and I will live! I am strong, I can :) I thank my family for their support, to be honest, I do not know where they take so much money for my treatment because drugs are very expensiveand. I ask everyone who can, help me. This is probably my last chance – chance at life … Thank you & raquo ;. Details account: Western FCU PJSC CB « Privat » MFO 305299; ZKPO 14360570; y / y number 5168 7572 8803 1620 Litvin sister named Oksana Payment: recharge card account AboutTold

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