"Us, fellow-Ukrainian, smile fate"

Under this name the library staff, branch 10 prepared historical portrait, dated 200 anniversary of the birth of composer, conductor, public figure and author of music Ukrainian National Anthem Michael Verbitsky and 150 -littyu first performance of the anthem. Short faktolohiyu life and workMichael Verbitsky, meaning a combination of two initiations, prayer and music celebrated during the event Associate Professor of East European National University. Lesya Ukrainian Tamara Rayevych. Growing up with 10 years under the tutelage of famous cousin Ivan Snihurskoho, Michael Verbitsky sought to be realized in the spiritual ministry Ukrainian community. Singers,composer, author liturgical compositions introductions to performances, waltz, polonaise ... Legacy artist has about 133 songs. However, the greatest glory brought M. Verbytskyi authorship music to poetry P.Chubynsky "Ukraine is still alive", which became the national symbol of independent Ukraine. Of particular significance impact on the growth and popularity of the Ukraikoho national anthem had events Maidan, tragedy and heroism of modern Ukrainian realities. The most mass execution anthem Ukraine was recorded December 14, 2013 on the Square in Kiev. Michael Verbitsky, with an inherent belief priest turned to the descendants of "us, fellow-Ukrainian, fate will smile ..." The event sounded poetry, music roomperformed by students of the Volyn State College of Culture and Arts im.I.Stravinskoho. In conclusion, all the participants together sang National Anthem of Ukraine. Department of Culture City Council (720 447) This was reported in Lutsk City Council

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/