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Psychologists recommend native fighters who at the front, talking about love

psychological support not only need the military in the east, but also their loved ones. Because every day they learn the news of the death of the military and ask God every moment that it was not their hero. It is for them in Ukraine organized meetings psychological assistance. Ukrainian villageoldat the Donbas. Photo: ZIK / EPA / ROMAN PILIPEY This is stated in the plot of the first Western journalist news « the Day » (Schobudnya at 21:00 on Channel ZIK) Mary Szymanski. One of the attendees of meetings psychological care – lions ‘ Janko Salome. She says, sent east for almost all their relativesfriends. Someone is in the « & raquo ;, Aydar someone in « & raquo ;, Azov others were in the sand, and a few months ago someone called in the Armed Forces. And she says the hardest thing – wait for the call or sms messages in social networks with words « I live & raquo ;. &Laquo; Recently, I thought it was still in the world wars, there was no internet or somethinglefonnoho called ‘ communications. In letters people can wait for years. So probably just a hacked to death in the subconscious, you need to wait. Without such methods called ‘ connection that we have now, it is perceived much calmer & raquo ;, – Salome says. In order to somehow help their loved ones, she became a volunteer. Psychologists say exactly womencan survive the war, when their most expensive on the front. &Laquo; It is important that women are focusing their attention on what is happening now. Sometimes, we follow their emotions and try to control what we can not control & raquo ;, – says psychologist Martha Chumalo. And not to lose heat through relationships and whistling bulletsvuky « & raquo ;, hail psychologists recommend in short telephone conversations not talk about the war, and, for example, about love. &Laquo; We support those men who is at the front. To show that they appreciate and expect that they need. This is most significant for everyone & raquo ;, – Martha said Chumalo. Anyone can bywritten on the psychological meetings for social network or zadzvonyvshy Hotline City Council. Told