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In Ternopil metal police warn buyers not to accept stolen

Theft of metal things - a fairly common phenomenon in Ternopil and it suffers from many countryman. A stimulating lypkorukyh tsupyty iron, which is bad, full uncontrollability reception and delivery of scrap. Most thieves steal fences, signs of graves, pipes, zapchastyny ??for farming, in short, everything that can be taken into recycling scrap metal and get money for it. So, just for one day to various law enforcement miskrayorhaniv Ternopil police asked four citizens who suffered from such atrocities. From the private economy in Borshchiv thieves pulled two metal pipes and steamWheel of drills and other villains in Chertkov resident stole four pipes, one chortkivchanka applied for stealing Manhole cover and Ternopil with room service station without assistance not gone batteries. In all cases, the persons involved in the commission of crimes, police tracked down, but youLucito they could not stolen. Themselves suspects confessed that they are stolen from other people passed paragraphs scrap metal. If the pipes or agricultural implements still possible to believe that metal buyers unaware of their origin, as is so much good in every good host, is here with Manhole cover it hadright. Why do buyers do not hurry to notify law enforcement of such incidents? Perhaps because close eye on the origin of the metal also has its price. Concealing information about crime or deliberately ignoring it, you become an accomplice illegal - police appeal to buyers of scrap metal - and inaction further encourages cradiyiv perform like that. Therefore, in order not to become buyers of stolen goods, tsikavtesya customers origin. If the seller of metal can give the answer, or you are not sure of the truth of his words, be sure to notify the police. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region