John Babiychuk: " support disadvantaged populations - a priority in the regional power "

on the organization of training workshops on "Features at-risk adolescents and adolescents vulnerable to HIV infection. Warning stigma and discrimination against MARA "in parts of the region yshlOsya during a working meeting temporarily Acting Deputy Head of Regional State Administration for Humanitarian Affairs John Gennadievich Babiychuk and representatives of the NGO "Youth Development Center" cities ". Also participating in the meeting were the director of Ternopil Regional Centre of Social Services for Family, Children andyouth representative Bogdan Rokochyy and Services for Children RSA Hope Balytska. According to the NGO "Youth Development Center" BRIDGE "Mar`yany Hevko, as part of a social project" Improving Access MARA populations to health and social services ", which is implemented in the framework of the collaboratoratsi Government and UNICEF, training seminars on this topic have been for social workers Ternopil, prison service professionals, law enforcement and social services. Now there is a proposal to hold the same measures for employees of regional centers of Social Services for Family, Children and Youth Services for Children rayderzhadministratsiy. John G. stressed that the protection of children, youth, disadvantaged populations - a priority in the regional authorities. So the idea of ??training should clearly support. "We must do everything in our power we can to improve their lives - he emphasized. - I am convinced that such education-treninhy is necessary and will give the opportunity to develop social protection workers. It is also a very good opportunity to share experiences, discuss current issues and setting up coordination with colleagues, because we have common goals and objectives. Our younger generation - children and young people - need our support. And in this difficult chac we can not be apart. " So John Babiychuk instructed representatives of the Regional Center for Social Services for Family, Children and Youth, together with representatives of Services for Children RSA to develop an action plan for carrying out activities under the social project "Improving Access MARA populations to honeyyko and social services "in all districts. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration