What such sorokovyn? Life

- is the path for Higher peace, doors kotorogo otkrvaetsya Only after death. How sad b This is not sound, but anyway sooner Or pozdno We all umrem. Everybody should pryhodytsya experiences with death and rasstavanye blyzkym man. Within this Article, the theme posvyaschena wake on sorokovoy day later, something Very vazhnaya This is the date for Kotoroh otnestys need it more serious and c View full otvetstvennostyu. Sorokovyn (wake 40 days) - is poslednyy day prebvanyya deceased souls in nashem world. Pravoslavne clergymen They say something It is in this day fate is determined by man, died kotory: Liboje on popadaet in hell, Liboje paradise. They say something If man died in the Resurrection, then Bezoutslovno soul otpravlyaetsya for the Lord God. Way, If You do not know the correct How to need it holds, togda Please visit the website: pytafyy.ru on Kotor in your Queue, can be prochytat all about the funeral, obituaries, find pytafyy View full Sobranie, learn How vrazyt soboleznovanye How yzhotovlyayut and monuments. At the memorial tables dolzhna bt multitude of ca.JD, pryhotovlenne relatives and blyzkye. Also on tolom dolzhn sydet all people know kotore deceased person. In sorokovyn pryhodyat all zhelayuschye, Avto Pomjan the one who has passed away. To do this, do not need it Seoul Special Invitation. Before, Sesto As the table, blyzkye pokoynoho dolzhn go down to the church and to the cemetery. Avto deceased soul pokoylacamping with the world, need it obyazatelno prochytat Our Father prayer. But not zabvayte, something Visits Church javljaetsja neobhodymm and obyazatelnm. Tuda You dolzhn taken with soboj kutyu, kotoruyu dolzhen osvetyt father. Zhelatelno, Avto pyscha bla sladkaya. Her Also possible to Replace rice with yzyumom and honey. Zatem ee need it for the table and podnesty Suggest svyaschennoe uhoschens vsem guests. Sovetuyut, Avto dishes not napomynaly Holiday table in honor whatsoever some measures. Kushane dolzhna bt completely burning and guests - stmy. Among napytkov on the table obyazatelno dolzhn prysutstvovat compote Or jelly. And remember, in this day need it How can bolshe horosheho and said vspomynat at pokoynom man and not statefarm machines to us whom evil.

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