Privat service launched "Standard tax-exempt" for those who receive a pension sotsvyplaty and "white" salary Privat

has launched a new service "standard tax-exempt" for clients who are interested in deposits and receive pensions, social payments and salaries for bank cards. According to the Privat this service is 27% more profitable, nIL ordinary deposits, because the interest is not taxed on it. For example, if the deposit rate to 24%, you get less 21.5% tax net income of 18.84% per annum. And with "standard tax-exempt" You get the claimed 24% per annum, which is 27% more than you would get the usual deposit. The only condition - the amount for the "StateDarth tax free "may not exceed the amount received as salary, pension, scholarship or social assistance. "At superkruti interest on savings to those who have official salary, we want to support the efforts of the Government of the shadow of salaries - said First Deputy Chairman Oleg Privat Gorokhovsky. - We propposes a super option to all customers who receive our bank salary, pension or social assistance cards for payments. " To use the new service as well as a common deposit. Check out the service "standard tax-exempt" at any bank branch or privat24: enough to determine the amount of wages orpension to which you wish to receive additional revenue and select period - 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. And then monthly Privat will pay interest on the card for payments, which were issued before the service. Add "Standard tax-exempt" at any convenient time if the card received regular salary or pension.