Rivne region, rescuers spent training and consultation workshop with educators region

February 12 in Rivne oblast boarding school employees State Treasury of Ukraine of Emergencies in Rivne region held a training seminar with the heads of district and city departments of education and teach Directorscial regional establishments. The meeting discussed issues of fire safety and industrial schools of the region, strengthening preventive Rose ’ yasnyuvalnoyi work with children and psychological work with children of settlers who arrived in Rivne forced from the eastern regions of Ukraine. In his speech, Deputy Head of theDSNS region, Lieutenant civil defense Oleg Panyukov stressed the need to bring in the proper state of defense equipment civil protection placed on campus, Rose ’ yasnyv procedure in terms of possible emergency situations and pointed out that in educational institutions should be fastingyna serviceability of fire protection engineering, supply and maintenance of timely primary means of fire, the serviceability of the external and internal fire water supply, regulatory compliance evacuation routes. However, rescuers State Service NA Rose ’ yasnyly workshop participants,that special attention should be paid towards prevention Rose ’ yasnyuvalnoyi of children to their compliance with fire safety and how to behave in case of fire or emergency situation. Overall, during the meeting were discussed many issues that troubled everyone, especially education leaders CICavylysya as they improve the protective structures of civil protection and fire of the premises and that this immediate preventive measures should be taken. At the end of the workshop staff Rescue « 101 » demonstrated present short videos on how to proceed in case of emergenciesand teachers presented a vivid thematic material for use in and said that only persistent joint collaboration of educators and rescue region and responsible attitude to maintain in schools proper fire condition will ensure a safe stay in their children. PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivnenviv region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/