Taxpayers and Lutsk Lutsk district budget in January joined nearly 100

million in January this year, taxpayers and Lutsk Lutsk district paid in the budget of 98.6 million. The State budget allocated 53.8 million, local treasury received 44.8 million - said Loutska LIGHTS. "We are grateful to all bona fide businesses. Despite the difficult economic situation, most of them on time and in full in performing its main duty, "- said in. about. Head of Lutsk Bogdan LIGHTS Shynkarchuk. However, the official noted that late last year introduced new changes in the tax law. Resetorochennya of taxes, easing pressure on the business, VAT decriminalization, legalization of incomes of the working population, support for small and medium businesses, the fight against corruption in the DFS and more - these reforms should cause positive changes in the economy. Cektor communications Lutsk LIGHTS This was reported in Lutsk cityiskiy pleased