The police seized an arsenal of weapons that ternopolyanyn illegally kept

More than six kinds of weapons seized workers for Combating Organised Crime in Ternopil inhabitants. No permits and documents for storage of dangerous objects at the man was not there. Currently, police set, where he took a gun and just asS retained its purpose. According to Dmitry Ripper, Head of Department for Combating Organised Crime regional police, during operational and preventive measures "Weapons and explosives," received information that a regional center for East ternopolyanyn array Garage keeps weapons. There once went operationalgroup. - During the searches of the place of residence, we found objects like machine "Kalashnikov", the RPG-18, PM pistol, gun "ZORAKI" foreign, and another gun foreign "Safari". In addition, air guns found of "Hatsan" foreign. Weapons seized and sent toexpertise to the Regional Research Forensic Centre. The audit was announced that starting device to the RPG-18 has used threats to others and not your nose. - We arrived at the research object, which is the starting device to reactive anti-grenade RPG-18, popularly called "FLY" - said a senior exPerth-Explosives NDEKTS at Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Ternopil region Taras Sudomyr. - It is a one-off. Its purpose - to defeat armored vehicles and enemy forces that are light in shelters. This course is not a danger, because already used. Individuals and handed pistol, similar in appearance to "Zoraki." During the examination hundredlo know that weapons of signal processed in combat. Mike Peter, sector expert and ballistic examinations trasological NDEKTS at Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Ternopil region argues that this gun designed to fire 9mm ammunition signal noise, but it altered to battle and you can now use lead bullets. No AllowOlive and documents on weapons in ternopolyanyna not. Remained it in boxes and on the shelves in the garage. Currently, police set, where and who gave her husband. Details of the event included in the single register of pre-trial investigations under article 263 of the Criminal Code - illegal handling of weapons, ammunition or explosives. SanctionsExposure article provides three to seven years in prison. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region