In Vinnytsia government approved amendments to the state budget for 2015.

Parliament of Ukraine on March 2 approved Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine introduced changes to the State Budget for 2015. For the corresponding bill number 2147 voted 273 MPs. Amendments to the State Budget for 2015 was one of the conditions for tranchein the IMF. They are based on the results of negotiations with international lenders, and especially with the International Monetary Fund. Given the change in forecast of key macroeconomic indicators were corrected estimated revenues and expenditures of the State budget. In addition, the increase in budget revenues is also expected to increase by one hundredvky rent payments for gas producing companies in which the state owns 50% + 1 share. Budget revenues increased by 22.5 billion. USD. The general government deficit (which includes not only the state budget deficit, but also the deficit "Naftogaz" and the costs of bank recapitalization and the Deposit Guarantee Fund) by the proposedsteps will decrease. If in 2014 it amounted to 13.4% of GDP, in 2015 we plan to reduce it to 8.8% of GDP. In particular, this reflects a reduction of two-thirds of state funding of "Naftogaz" and moderate changes in the financing of the pension fund. The document provides for 300 million USD to build housing for the anti-terrorist memberschnoyi operation. Additionally UAH 3 billion allocated to help displaced persons. 12.5 billion additional funding is directed to subsidies for the poor. Subvention of 100 million. USD. allocated to local budgets for partial funding of youth schools by 2015 received supportfrom the Social Insurance Fund for Temporary disability. Ukrainian farmers will receive 550 mln. USD. State aid (on measures to reduce the cost of loans in the agricultural sector - 300 mln. USD. 250 million. - for state support of the livestock industry). After approval of amendments to the budget and "provisional measures" Ukraine, 11 isznya 2015 IMF Executive Board will approve the loan. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration