State Emergency Service of Ukraine has lost three dedicated staff and Ukraine March 4 in

m. Avdiyivka Donetsk region, in his apartment, as a result of a direct hit by a projectile by the terrorists killed the chief financial service 15th State Fire and Rescue Unit 41-year-old Svetlana Kisilova. The womanhad a little daughter, who was left without a mother. On the same day in the city. Kyiv during fire suppression, fulfilling their Duty ’ roads, killing two employees of PG DSNS Ukraine in m. Kyiv: 24-year-old Lieutenant Civil Protection, Deputy Head 4 DPRCH Andrew Stupakivskyy and 35-year-old sergeant civil defense, senior pozhezhnyy 4 DPRCH Denis Rytov. Their death – great and irreplaceable loss for all firefighters. Rescuers are Ternopil great sorrow, mourning the death of colleagues and express deep condolences to their families and relatives.