Daily rescuers DSNS Ukraine, despite the lack of "green corridors" take out people from dangerous areas east of

daily rescuers DSNS Ukraine, despite the absence of « green corridors & raquo ;, trafficked people from dangerous areas east Rescuers DSNS Ukraine and local authorities, despite constant attacks on forment terrorists are trying to find safe ways removal of people from Donetsk and Luhansk. So, yesterday, from the village Svetlichnaya Lugansk region, managed to take 18 people, including 2 children and 1 person who is unable to move. The process took place without creating « green » corridor under constant bombardment from terrorsteve. The men were taken to the city Lisichans'k point where heating rescuers organized food for them and provide all necessary information to help further displacement. Also, on this day, with the city Popasna taken 40 people, including 5 children. In all, yesterday, the Luhansk region were taken 58 people, including 7 children and 1a person who is unable to move. At the same time, in Donetsk Oblast Ukraine alone DSNS rescuers try to remove people from dangerous areas. For regular bus drivers often refuse to risk their lives and go in the area where being constantly shelling. That is why these bus drivers are saving yourselfMAP. So, yesterday, with the city Avdiyivka, bus, driven by once again was a lifesaver State Emergency Services Immortal Sergeant Gregory managed to take 11 people, including 5 children. In total, 28 January Donetsk and Lugansk taken 8959 people, including 2012 children and 268 people who can not itselfostiyno move. in Pavlograd Dnipropetrovsk region called the seven largest transit towns for short-term human habitation, which is designed for 640 people. There are plans to open another n ’ mint transit towns that will temporarily accommodate about 4000 people. Note that in the town of Harkiv already functioning and there is currently home to 343 person. In addition, the daily efforts of rescue workers and authorities updated reserve space for temporary settlement of citizens throughout Ukraine. As is the ability to accommodate about 15 thousand internally displaced persons. For those people who are still in settlements AFDiyivka and Debaltseve daily the delivery of humanitarian aid. In particular, yesterday, the city Avdiyivka from the International Committee of the Red Cross delivered food and hygiene kits that are designed for 600 families and 600 units of tar water, candles and 18 000 1 000 sq. M. roofing material. The city of Dzerzhinsk performed daily deliverydrinking bottled water. Also, to Avdiyivka cities, villages and Debaltseve Novoselivka detained 20 generators to provide power settlements. In addition, the city Kramators'k supported by the German Society for International Cooperation « GIZ » to the regional headquarters commission on technogenic and ecological safetyand emergency situations come about tank ’ yemom 7.7 m. cu. that rescuers will use for the transportation of water in the towns of Donetsk region. Recall that the pyrotechnic units DSNS Ukraine continue to examine the area of ??the eastern regions, identifying and neutralizing explosive devices. In particular, yesterday, in KrAmateur detected and removed 7 rocket ammunition fragments Multiple rocket launcher « Tornado & raquo ;. On the same day, in the village Hrodivka Donetsk region pyrotechnics DSNS Ukraine found and removed 4 pieces of ammunition. In turn, in the Luhansk region for the past day examined 0.5 hectares ofand disposed of 30 pieces of explosives. Press Service of Ukraine DSNS

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