In Ternopil local resident in the arsenal of ammunition seized during World War II

March 4 at 13:00 in. Meeting Street. Khmelnytskoho workers Zborivsky District Police Ukraine in the Ternopil region during the authorized search found 49 pieces of munitions during World War II. Among the findings – 45 hand grenades and 4 mines. Regarding citizen, who were kept on the farm deadly findings, conducted investigations. According to preliminary information, he worked collecting metal for further delivery into recycling scrap. Obviously, in the pursuit of profit, he did not hesitate and ammunition and possibly in the future planning of rozibratm and also pass in the scrap. Often such reckless actions lead to tragedy fatalities. It ammunition that had lain in the ground for several decades, is extremely dangerous, because under the influence of the environment is explosive hypersensitive to any stimuli, shaking, friction, heat and so on. Department of CivilSecond Service of Ukraine of Emergencies in Ternopil Oblast urges residents of the area required ’ sure to observe the basic rules in case of any ammunition and explosives: - Never try to move them from a place and move; - A dangerous discovery immediately inform emergency services call « 101 » or « 102 & raquo ;; - Output to a safe distance all people (in the open area – at least 100 m, building – at least 50 meters from the location of the dangerous object); - Check the materials at hand location subject to orient professionals (stick with a piece of colorful cloth, « tent » the branches etc.) - Warn others and do not allow for the opportunities outsiders to identify dangerous place finds. It should be noted that possession of weapons, ammunition and explosives found in different circumstances, are illegal. Article 263 (illegal handling of weapons, ammunition or explosives) of the Criminal Code of Ukraineyiny for carrying, storage, acquisition, construction, repair, transfer or sale of firearms (except for smooth-bore hunting guns), ammunition, explosives or explosive devices without statutory authority determined the punishment of imprisonment for a term of 3 to 7 years.