In Volyn police station opened its doors to students of school

Introduction to the profession of law enforcement and crime prevention among adolescents - a goal set police, organizing an open day. The event took place in Lokachi District Police Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Volyn region. First comprehensive school pupils kysylynskoyiand invited to the parlor, where the district police chief Oleg Kichuk cordially greeted the guests and spoke to the children described the main tasks carried out by the Interior, and informed them of the features daily work of all departments. Boys and girls heard a lot of useful information about the service in the and diznalysya about what skills you need to have to become a policeman. - On the shoulders of law enforcement borne heavy loads, so if you choose this path in the future, now need to aggressively prepare both physically and mentally. And most importantly - have a strong desire to help people, because our main goal - to protect the rights of all citizens - atOleg pointed Kichuk. Teenagers have shown how to select fingerprints ninth Lokachi school Veremchuk Vadim, who is preventive register in the criminal police for children, students demonstrated unarmed combat techniques. Then the young guests were invited to tour the corridors of the police. Walk Inode Senior Detective Criminal Police Juvenile Elena Pavlyuk students visited the premises and met the next part of the regular duties of employees saw isolator for temporary detention. But most delight visitors caused some demonstration models of small firearms and special equipment that youkorystovuyut in the service of law enforcement. Especially after demonstrations all visitors were able to hold weapons and take photos by heart. - Visit of the police was extremely informative for us. We could not see on TV what police functions it performs a weapon to apprehend dangerous criminals. We were showna room where people are suspects, and warned against unlawful actions - such experiences shared after students interesting and full of meetings with law enforcement. Maria TKACHUK, Lokachi District Police Ukraine Volyn region