Two Bukovina could not escape responsibility for the theft of

inhabitants and Hlybotskyi Storozhynetsky areas 25 and 22 years dishonest to make a living: at night guys penetrated sawmills, workshops and garages locals there and stole power tools. Illegal activities would-be friends stopped by GlybokskyOn the police station of MIA of Ukraine in Chernovtsy region. The police found that young men sold the stolen property in the markets Storozhynetsky area. Fortunately, did not have time to implement all the tools. So the evidence seized in the future will be returned to the owners. And the boys will have to answer for their actions before the law, - the head Hlybotskoho police station Vitaly Grosso. Indeed, the facts are open criminal proceedings under Part. 3. 185 (theft) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. If proof of guilt, to be young punishment of imprisonment for a term of three to six years. By the way, one of the attackers already has a "criminal experience" and was previously convicted. Suddenlyand 8 facts known about thefts committed by pseudo-friends. Law enforcement officers continue to check youths involvement in other crimes in the area. Pre-trial investigation continues. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Chernivtsi region