Rivne region, rescuers together with educators started working children's clubs "Young Rescuer - back"

In order to form a safe culture of life, the promotion of children and young people healthy lifestyles, promoting military-patriotic education of young people and promote the profession lifeguard at the initiative of the RivneDistrict Department of GU DSNS region in Rivne's Palace of Children and Youth created a circle « Junior Lifeguard - back & raquo ;. With the support of the project leadership of Rivne City Executive Committee managed efficiently disseminate information about the functioning of the group of schools and recruit the necessary glTeam Hell – 12 children. It is the first circle of pupils February 11 Training Center of Civil Protection and Life Safety Rivne region rescuers had lectures on the history of the formation of the State Service of Ukraine National Assembly, presented them with the objectives, functions, structure and activities of the Main Department of DSNS inblasts. In addition, officers Rescue held a talk with students about the actions in terms of threats and emergencies, observance of safety rules in detecting suspicious of unfamiliar objects that may contain explosives. For fastening material rescuers showed students educational films distributed campaign postersand answered questions that arise. Finally event among students circle the employees of the State Service of the National Assembly conducted a survey in which children were able to confirm their knowledge. Rivne city district administration PG DSNS in Rivne region

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