In the Rivne region rescue workers and social protection strengthen cooperation in training citizens Fundamentals of Safety

February 12 employees of the State Emergency Services in Rivne region took part in the meeting of the board of the Department of Social Welfare RSA. Before supervisorivnykamy local area social service centers, boarding schools affiliated to the Department of Social Protection RSA public and social services center for seven ’ her children and young people the Deputy Chief of the State Service of the NA region Alexander Mohryk. In his speech, Lt. Mat civil serviceystu Mohryk Alexander spoke about the state of fire protection about ’ objects of social protection and social workers involved in conducting Rose ’ yasnyuvalnoyi of the population on fire safety in the community. The speaker stressed the need to bring in the proper state of defense structures of civil protection, which rozmischuyutsya the territory sotszakladiv, Rose ’ yasnyv procedure in terms of possible emergencies, but also drew attention to the fact that social institutions should be permanent serviceability engineering of fire protection, security and timely maintenance of the primary means of fire, serviceability of externalHe and internal fire water supply, regulatory compliance evacuation routes. Alexander Mohryk also drew the attention of the meeting to compliance with the orders of the central and local authorities, aimed at ensuring the safety of the population, especially the category that needs etc.erzhavnoyi support. Besides board members demonstrated short videos on how to proceed in case of emergencies and distributed leaflets and themed city ’ of interest to prevent fires in the living areas. After the meeting was adopted protocol decision of the board to strengthen the state Fire Safety ofing about ’ objects of social protection, especially with night occupancy, as well as improve how rescuers and social workers region in held in the housing sector preventive Rose ’ yasnyuvalnoyi work on fire safety and life safety, especially with the citizens of the so-called « risk& Raquo ;. PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region

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