Anatoliy Oleinik, "No activity simple peasant Ukrainian village becomes rich" (+ photos)

During the meeting with heads of regional state administrations and heads of departments and agencies in the region Head of Regional State Administration Anatoliy Oleinik emphasized the need to intensify activities for the development of agricultural kooperatyconducted on the territory of Vinnitsa region. "We, more than ever, we understand that a simple peasant activity without our village becomes wealthy. A vertically integrated structure - is very good, but the farmer, with the financial difficulties that are now in the Ukrainian village should be able to cope. In my opinion, it can be done only through the development of cooperation "- said the head of Vinnitsa region Anatoliy Oleinik. And despite the fact that 2020 has come into effect a ban on the sell milk from the private sector, the issue becomes even more important. Head of the region said that already UNDP / EC allocates funds for Vinnichiny on a 4 cooperatives: the harvesting and processing of meat in Creezhopilskomu and Zhmerinskiy areas of dairy Tomashpil in the area, as well as cooperative deal with dried fruits on Tyvrivschyni. To demonstrate the capabilities of the cooperative in addressing molokozahotivli, further processing and sales, the meeting was asked to review the story about the activitiesNumber of cooperative enterprise "Milk edge" punk Storozhynetsky village district of Chernivtsi region. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration