The representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine held personal citizen in Mukachevo

in Mukachevo city police station personal citizen held yesterday Interior Ministry spokesman Denis Ukraine Levchenko. 18 residents of Mukachevo and district appealed from Kiev to different issues. Detective Chief Criminal Investigation Department of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine Lt.ilitsiyi Denis Levchenko spoke for three hours with citizens who came to the reception. Each has provided legal advice, listened and helped sort out the situations in which people find themselves due to various circumstances. One of the appeals was the reorganization of the police department, namely Mukachevo Gorotdel (service m.MukaCeva and Mukachevo district). Once again, the question raised head Mukachevo district administration and district council chairman Basil Kubarych and John Michael. Officials reasonably argued that after the so-called unification of city and district police stations declined to polling places, because the area is home to about 102 thousand people, which is 88 more towns and 40 rural councils. On improvement of cooperation with local police authorities and the community asked the city mayor of Mukachevo Zoltan Lengyel. During a meeting with a representative of the Interior Ministry and people approached with proposals to increase the staff of the police precinct firstx. On partial funding of public assistants district raised questions Zheliznyak John - head formation in Kolchynskiy village council. Also received a lot of complaints about bias investigation of criminal proceedings, including a collective statement of stealing from residences. Note that in addition to the complaints wereCitizens wishing to speak, to find justice and law enforcement agencies of the Ministry of Interior to thank for the opportunity of a personal meeting. So to the Mukachevo police officers received three formal thanks for the prompt detection of crime and active cooperation. Natalia Machico Mukachevo CF MIA