Chernigov: ICT - part of quality management educational process

on March 2 in Chernihiv high school 32 a seminar school directors on "Information and communication technologies - part of quality management educational process." The seminar was opened Head of the Department of Education of the City CouncilVladimir Kupriyanenko. Lyceum Director, Candidate of Science Lyudmila Tarasyuk in his speech outlined the perspectives of information Ukrainian schools in the next decade, called the changes expected in the technosphere and the educational process. The deputy director of educational work, Candidate of Science Natalia Ivanytskaand shared her impressions of the visit European countries. She described the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in Europe and the prospects for their implementation. During the workshop demonstrated a series of fragments of lessons where teachers showed different uses of ICT: video conference with the poet Tatiana Pakaluk, Deputyosuvannya Internet resources in the educational process, students work with tablets, project work in high school online. Teachers Lyceum held workshops, presenting them to create their own sites, e-books copyright, design portfolio for elementary school students. The workshop demonstrated teaching mozhlyvosthose device "Activator interactive surface." With this instrument the institution implemented programs such as "Living Physics", "Live Mathematics" "Laboratory work in physics, WorldWide Telescope, and others. In addition, there was Internet conference with Head of Department of creating educational content of the National Center for "Small Academy Mr.AUC "Igor monastic. The results of the workshop was to outline the prospects for the development of educational institutions of the city, where in the first place implies individualization of the educational process, changing forms and methods of the teacher, network literacy of all participants in the educational process. Implications of these ideas should be the construction of individual educational trajectoryfor each child that will ensure equal access to quality education. According to the Lyceum 32