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The oldest inhabitant of the Earth celebrated its 117th birthday

zhyteltsi Earth oldest Japanese Mysao Okawa, on Thursday celebrated 117 years. She was recognized as the oldest person on Earth two years ago, a few days before his 115 birthday. His birthday Japanese said in a special medical facility, where several busof age. Reported « ZN.UA & raquo ;. The head of the municipality Higashi-Osaka Sumiyosi in Okawa congratulated and presented her with a bouquet of flowers. According to doctors, an elderly Japanese woman does not experience serious problems with health ’ pits. She has a wonderful appetite, and among her favorite foods – braised beef and ramen noodles. One of the secrets to itsvholittya – good sleep. Now Okawa sleeps 13-15 hours daily. The oldest man living planet also in Japan. Momo Sakari this year was 112 Told