Fighter " Carpathian Sich " Andrew Chad: " Minsky agreement - a delivery Debaltsevo "

Sagittarius individual volunteer chota " Carpathian Sich & quot ;, deputy Zhydachiv District Council of PA " Freedom & quot ;, Chairman of the Commission on Culture and Tourism, historical and cultural heritage, spiritual Recovery and ideological policying in Zhidachiv Andrew Chad month preceding the forefront in the sand. A soldier says that Ukrainian military strong spirit and are willing to go to win, but the power that breaks the patriotic spirit. Minsky agreements - is not an armistice, and scheduled power delivery Debaltsevo - says svobodivets. Andrew Chad was ready for war, both physically and mometrically: Fleet held in Sevastopol, Balaklava, an active participant in the square as a volunteer for several months drove the men humanitarian assistance to the East, and was at the front, defending the independence of Ukraine. The fact that atmosphere prevails at the forefront, learn from first hand. - What do you think about the performance of the Minsk agreements? - When I was inSands, which is from 24 January to 27 February, the soldiers reported that we signed an armistice agreement. However, only stopped for us to fire heavy artillery. When we obeyed, separatists attacked our outpost, respectively, we had to shoot. The truce has changed only one thing: if Sands fired earlier in the decadeorozhyh " & quot ;, hail after - only two cars " & quot ;, hail for eight cars from Sands sent in Debaltseve. So they're just kill and trample heroes that protect Debaltseve. At the same time, we have to keep on their toes, even though they knew - there Minsky arrangements in advance we no longer go. Once the Homeovlenosti had come into force, the right of fighters squad " Carpathian Sich & quot ;, " Right & quot ;, sector OUN and other volunteer battalions understand that this is not a truce and surrender of a city. As it turned out later - handed Debaltseve. I believe that the Minsk Agreement are in the hands of the separatists and Putin and Ukrainian army and harmUkrainian people. The truce in the sand - when 24 hours hostile artillery bombing Ukrainian volunteers. - How many victims after such attacks? - In Debaltseve about 1 thousand. Victims, although people on television hammer head false information, reporting that 100 dead. A real plus or minus 650 people are killed, 370 porenenyh, including 200 missing. Also, many Ukrainian soldiers were captured. The boys said that they found hung on the branches of trees flak jackets and helmets. These things were of people who died from rupture " hail " and other heavy machinery. - How are you wounded? - It happened during a combat mission. We coveredylo AGS (automatic grenade easel). It is very dangerous because they can not hear pryblyzhayetsya. If attacks are " hail " or other heavy machinery, the arrival hear, sounds of bombs and AGM almost silently flying and breaks right at the spot where the falls. I saved the first divine power. Basically potsilylo in Bronezhylet, except that the wounded arm. - How to accept the Russian-Ukrainian War locals? - They all want peace. But what the world? - If there is a Ukrainian army and Ukrainian laws by which they are prepared to live. Minsky agreement only hurt them. They think that Ukrainian army will retreat, respectively, come separatists and budut to destroy them for recognition or conquest Ukrainian authorities. Before we came, the village May Day, is near the sand, and asked: " Guys, please, Stick, for those who are working with the Ukrainian government (called " danetskiye bandity-banderovtsi ") separatists shot & quot ;. There are also " non-political& quot ;, people who will live with To the power that comes. When they heard that we have to step back in order not to expose themselves to danger, then took the position " none of my business, I know nothing & quot ;. That again emphasize that the Minsk Agreement are in the hands of the separatists and Putin and hurt Ukrainian army and Ukrainian people. - Why do not you hangtachalo in the East? - Not enough most of the team going forward. Soldiers in the east all ready to go and defend their land, expel the enemy from their land, but somehow losing power or even sell our Ukrainian land. Putin concluded with that power " damn deal " or " Agreement & quot ;, the devil as he calls it. We will keep an internal Fraunt and external. Inside the front - is one that grinds us from within, ie stealing money and no recognition of patriotic battalions. Our government understands that no political organization did not oppose them because it would be called pro-Moscow. But I'm sure most people will rise - parents, women, mothers of boys who gave meat.- How do you change the ATO stay in the area? - I was impressed with the sublime spirit of the soldiers who protect Ukrainian land. But again bad impression left by the government's attitude to volunteer battalions. This naypatriotychnishi battalions, but the authorities simply destroys something. It is the policy of Putin's policy of Putin Poroshenko. &Quot; Carpathiansical January OUN & quot ;, and " Right Sector " authorities called OPG - " orhanizovanaya pryestupnaya hrupirovka & quot ;. Then, local residents and soldiers in another we call - " suicide & quot ;. Everyone knows that at the forefront among nationalists and patriots, there is no retreat, all fighting to the end. - This Russian-Ukrainian war withand who, believe will win? - Ukrainians have to win the war - is clear, but we have to understand one thing - we will just our faith and ourselves, no one else. It will not help either Europe or other countries. For those who come from Europe think about something else entirely - not attacked them, so they do not hurt themselves, their economy, their countrydination. About us they do not care, just make the illusion that we care about. Europe fears that Ukraine through assistance provoke Russia against himself. Not only afraid of America. - The introduction of martial law, do you think it takes to win? - I am a supporter in order to implement martial law and declare full mobilization in Ukraine. I supportwhat say all men: " Declare martial law led all Moskal and knocks enemies of Ukraine Ukrainian land & quot ;. And it is interesting, Nicholas and Peter need to call because they are maydanivtsyamy ... - You also participated Square? - Yes, I was in Kiev from 28 November 2013. Then from the street in two in the morning went, wouldoh it was very quiet - students played guitar, sang patriotic songs Ukrainian, golden eagle retreated, leaving the Square. When I have doyizhdzhav to Rivne, I phoned a colleague: " Guys, come again, for students beat & quot ;. Square - it was the last time a democratic approach to the then government. - Are you planning to fight and inheritanceEast Ukraine's independence? - I'll come home for rotation, and to treat the wound. Going east, whenever I see a little hand healed. I think about March 25, because the doctor said 2-3 weeks required for treatment ... This was reported in the press service of the Lviv regional organization VO " Freedom "