Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk: "Clean, not where clean, but where do not litter" About

results-wide environmental and natural actions that took place during 2014 and tasks for sanitary and environmental conditions in the city in the run-up to Easter said during the meeting that took place at the premises of the Regional Theatrein dolls. To the west came the heads of municipal institutions in the city, culture and health, private enterprises. Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk thanked all those who actively involved in environmental actions that take place in our city. "Everything in life starts with a small - family, kindergarten, school" - the urbanand head. He is convinced that love of nature, environmental education and culture has pryvyvatysya kids from an early age, you must teach them to protect and promote the surrounding beauty, because it formed the beginnings of ecological and moral consciousness, spirituality and humanism. Kindergartens and schools in this context, is not active. Small ecologs are always ready to guard and protect the environment in which they live. Nicholas Romaniuk thanked the teachers of the city, which has always supported the initiative of local authorities and train young environmentalists. He turned with words of gratitude to all present that help in keeping our city clean and tidy. "Although prybyrReference - is not basic. Clean, not where clean, but where do not litter "- he said. Nicholas Romaniuk said that the city government this year has set a number of important tasks. Among them - the construction of sewage system in the neighborhood of September (1 part), construction of sewage system in Lviv array completion of assemblyju line of the solid waste landfill in s.Brysche. Also continue to work with clean river Sapalayivka. Mayor addressed the audience with a request to the Easter holidays traditionally contribute to streamlining the city after the winter. "Together we will make our city clean and beautiful" - he said. Municipal AdvisorChairman Boris Magpie focused on key areas of the city and results in environmental protection over the past year, defined the specific task of preparing the city for the Easter holidays. The main tasks identified - to prevent water pollution. As he said, especially developments in the private sector. In 2015 nerspektyvnym objective is to increase the volume of secondary raw materials produced waste, apply various measures for separate waste collection, to prevent excess accumulation of hazardous waste on site and implement measures for industries to reduce the number of generated waste and reduce the degree of danger. By andth words, since the beginning of March, a traditional event "Ecological quarter" in which take place every Friday citywide sanitation and environmental days. By the way, this year our city in August will mark the 930 th anniversary. So Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk called all Lutsk not be indifferent and allocate their time to 930 minutes (This 35-minute weekly) for improvement hometown. After the awarding ceremony of the most active participants-wide environmental activities and events that took place in the autumn and winter 2014 - 2015 years, and - a winner of view of businesses, institutions and organizations in terms of the best New Year-rezdvyanoho design. This was reported in Lutsk City Council