Zhytomyr region, during day three rescuers eliminated fire

dead March 4 at 16:17 on the item called ’ communications 14th State Fire and Rescue village of Narodychi received information about a fire of dry grass in the district center. On fire reported residents of homes that are located near the fire place. Upon arrival to the Estsya call rescuers from ’ yasuvaly, burning dry grass area of ??about 4.5 ha and flame ’ I quickly spreads toward the houses. Through skillful actions of firefighters were not allowed to transfer flame ’ I housing, lokalizuvavshy fire at 16:30. Final disposition accident took place at 17:15. The dead and injured there.The same day the fire area fire eliminated dry vegetation in the village Davydivka Zhytomyr region and in Zhitomir, a total area of ??about 3.5 hectares. Probable causes of fires pretty predictable – This careless use of fire by burning garbage and cigarette carelessly thrown more. In general, the year this itemHerchies cases of dead wood fire in the open areas. &Laquo; In connection ’ this connection we once again stress the importance of compliance with fire safety regulations, especially in open areas – refers to population interim Duty ’ yazky Head of DSNS in Basil Kuchyn. Before carrying out combustion ochysno work must first clear the place; be along the primary means of fire and duties ’ necessarily control what happens. In no case can not burn the grass in windy weather, as the fire quickly spreads territory. Flame ’ from suhotrav I ’ I can tip over to private households, located proced and harm both the environment and people. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region

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