In Vinnytsia local authorities should be possible to remove bureaucratic obstacles - Valery Cow (+ photos)

March 4 in a working visit to Lypovets district chairman of the regional state administration Valery Cow visit your local administrative services. In view of the implementation of the decentralization authoritativelys office work such centers is of particular relevance. Moreover - there is an instruction of the President of Ukraine to enhance such activities. So the head of the region visited the institution, a list of services offered, inspected the premises and logistics center and asked about filling problems arising from theits activities. "Some positions have already been implemented, coordinated certain issues concerning queues, especially in the implementation of land and property rights. And while this line of work should be improved. There are direct understanding management area, so I think that the situation we shifted from a place ", - said Valeriy Activity object Co.Rovio. RSA chairman said that the activities of these centers is very important. So executive agencies on the ground must organize high quality work on the removal of bureaucratic obstacles. This broad range of issues related explanatory work, streamlining of procedures that people could use modern technologyand communication in solving problems. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration