Regional Development Strategy Vinnichiny 2020 defines the strategic and operational objectives of the region in the long term (+ photos)

This was said First Deputy Head of the Regional Economic Development RSA Vladimir Repejov during the working group meeting to discuss the draft Strategy reggaetional development Vinnytsia region until 2020, which was held on 5 March. "The employees of the Department of Regional Economic Development OSA conducted work on the synthesis of all papers and proposals made it possible to complete and are aligned with the strategy developed by the regional development Vinnitsa regionand for the period 2020 to the National Strategy for Regional Development until 2020 "- said Vladimir Repejov. The Strategy, which consists of an introduction, appendices and 9 chapters provide detailed analysis of the socio-economic development of Vinnitsa region by 2020. In the preparation of the document was selected "internal" (sitional and weaknesses) and "external" (opportunities and threats) factors that developed SWOT-analysis Vinnytsia region, revealed that the relationship between the factors and the development of comparative advantages, challenges and risks, which are the basis for a strategic choice - Formulation strategic and operational objectives of the field for a long timeterm. As the First Deputy Head of the Regional Economic Development Administration, Strategy - 2020 6 the main strategic goals of Vinnitsa region: 1. Ensure the territorial integrity of the region; 2. Diversification of the structure of the regional economy and development of innovation; 3. Involving othersinvestments and the development of international relations; 4. Environmental safety area; 5. The development of social, cultural and tourism sector area; 6. Development of local government. Fiscal decentralization and intergovernmental relations. The document defines and describes the key issues of regional development, principles of the strategy, priority areaseconomic development region (" the growing point ") and mechanisms for implementing the strategy. More of the working group came to discuss the project and changes to it, with the latest proposals submitted by the Institute for Social Innovation and initiative group of scientists Donetsk National University. Also clarifiedthe socio-economic development of the region and some objects in applications to the strategy; According to procedure, the draft Regional Development Strategy of Vinnytsia region for the period 2020 must be submitted for public discussion by publication on the official website of RSA (talk about last month, but not less than 21 days). So the chairman suggested that the working group to complete all work on the project by the end of next week, that is - to the date of its publication. Further, the revised draft strategy will be submitted to the head of RSA commissions Regional Council. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration