In Lviv Oblast firefighters eliminate fire in the boiler room

at 4:31 February 12 to rescuers received information about a fire in the boiler room, which belongs to the church of the Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in the city. Lviv on the street. Maksimovic, 2. The fire rescue guard said. The man noticed a burning roof and boiler immediately Callonuvav to the Rescue. Preliminary probable cause is a violation of fire safety rules of stove heating. Firefighters working in respiratory protection devices because of strong smoke, at 5:20 ignition eliminated. It was possible to prevent further spread of the fire at the premises of the temple. The fire destroyed the roof of the boiler house area 20sq.m. To fire suppression involved 20 rescuers and 5 units of machinery. Because the event no one was hurt.