Chernivtsi region, due to smoking in bed

people died about 8 am on line 101 specials received information about a fire in an apartment building in the village Nelypivtsi Kelmenetsky area. At the scene immediately went another guard Fire and Rescue downtown Kelmentsi. How can ’ it turned out the man lived alone. The fire was discovered as neighborsmorning and walked past the house and saw the window as the building goes smoke. Immediately call the number 101 and rushed to help. Since the area of ??the fire was not much people using the means extinguished the fire before the arrival of fire-rescue units. At the time when the owner of the house found the fire was no sign of life. The fire destroyed bedand household items. The likely cause of the fire violation of fire safety during smoking. Three fires result from burning dry grass in open areas area. Thanks to the prompt response to your fire, managed to eliminate them in time to the extent which caught fire and rescue units and prevent the transfer of fireu are close to homes. Management DSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region resembles that fires caused by burning dry grass dangerous that in a short time gaining large. In the open area in calm weather fire can spread at up to 4 km. per hour, and in windy – 30 miles; flame height ’ i is 2 meters. However, the greatest danger is fire that spreads in high winds with abrupt changes direction and speed. Typically, the area of ??fire for 15-30 minutes 2-3 times increased. Extinguishing fires of floor ’ is connected with overcoming great difficulties, considerable costs meansand human resources. Recall also that according to Article 77-1 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences, burning stubble fields, meadows, pastures, areas of steppe, wetlands and other natural vegetation and fallen leaves in parks and other green spaces and lawns in towns without permission of the public conTroll in the field of environment or breach of such permission – entails administrative responsibility. Management DSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region refers to Bukovinians follow fire safety rules: -Any extremely careful in dealing with open fire; -Do not leave a fire unattended bugttya; -not kindles a fire at houses and estates; -Don't burn dry grass; Thus, the main measures without fire ¬ security simple and does not require any material costs, but their timely and D ¬ performance will carefully protect themselves from harm. Pam ’ Note that simply prevent fire than to eliminate it! Press Service of Ukraine UDSNSin Chernivtsi region